1.15: Evening News

Broadcast: Friday 28 September 2040ce Network: ECNN on NewsNet Quantum [Commercial Ending in Three… Two… One… Queue Theme. Go Live.] Tray Martin Good evening. This is Tray Martin at the ECNN News Desk in Philadelphia. [Display SWS and NES Flags over Coalition Constitution.] Tonight’s leading story… Voting ended on the Senate Floor an hour ago, […]

1.14: Cpl Gupta

What the fuck?! “Where did the bastard go?” he spat, dust instantly caking the inside of his mouth. That same dust was mixing with the sweat on his forehead and starting to run into his eyes. It was just here! “Damn it, West!” Lansing’s voice came over the headset. “Watch that flank!” “Anyone see Little?” […]

1.13: Breaking News

Broadcast: Monday 24 September 2040ce Network: WCNS on NewsNet Quantum [Cut into Scheduled Programming in Three… Two… One… Main Camera.] Michael Perez We interrupt your scheduled program for this breaking news story. The SWS Senate has just voted approval of the proposed Constitution of the Coalition States of North America. Voting closed with twenty-nine Yes […]

1.12: Cslr Farina

Date: Wednesday 5 September 2040ce 1755z Location: SciCorps Academy, Reno Nevada (-0800) And here… We… Go. “Right this way, Counselor,” the receptionist said. Confident in her circle… Hesitant to trust… Plays sexually dominant to avoid open honesty. Farina was led down the hallway to one of the conference rooms. “Thank you,” she said as she […]

1.11: Health Watch

Broadcast: Friday 31 August 2040ce Network: S&S-NA on NewsNet Quantum [Commercial Ending in three… Two… One… Go Live.] Patrick Zulli Hello to everywhere humans are serving. This is Health Watch. I’m your host, Patrick Zulli, and these are tonight’s featured stories. [Change Story: SWS Mental Health] [Roll Footage: Interview with Surgeon General Radi Asrar.] SG […]

1.10: Cpl Lansing

Date: Monday 30 August 2040ce 1100z Location: East of Snowflake, Arizona (-0700) May seventeenth… He stepped forward with his left foot, the bottom of his boot scraping against the loose gravel that lay wind-strewn across the cracked blacktop that had once been Concho Highway. Nine months… He stepped forward with his right foot, producing the […]

1.09: Arizona Evening News

Broadcast: Sunday 29 August 2040ce Network: Flagstaff Regional (ADS1) on NewsNet Quantum [Commercial ending in Three… Two… One… Roll Theme… Go Live.] Helen Breaux Good evening. This is Helen Breaux filling in for Chris Kelly, who has been called in for an unannounced drill for the Flagstaff Defense Militia. Here are Arizona’s leading stories… [Display […]