Let the Reboot Begin

I hold a lot to blame for it.

Yes, I did get sick.

Ended up in the hospital.

Weeks turned into months of recovery.

Keeping my employment also became a priority; While I’d like to think that my employer is loyal to me, I do not know that he is, so I pushed myself.

And that actually paid off; I got promoted, even have a fancy title now (“Director”).

But I’m still to blame.

I could have focused on this more.

I could have gotten more written. More finalized. More published to this site.

I excused it by viewing the time I spent working (either on physical therapy or my career) as time taken away from this endeavor. There was also the reality of what happened: That I had come exceedingly close to death, and I chose to live a little when I wasn’t too busy saving (unnecessarily) my job or attempting to walk a mile without keeling over.

But looking back over the months, I find that excusing it was all I did. After all, between starting this project and when I actually did get sick, the time was there. It was there before going into the hospital; It was here after I got out.

I set those priorities; I hold the blame.

Now that it’s all been said and done… I’m back to full health, even better than before the illness thanks to regular exercise. My career is in good standing, mostly because I pushed myself to a point contrary to the physical therapy. And I have no more excuses, which is how I’ve come to find myself looking over this website which had thus far only housed the very beginnings of an idea.

That idea, despite all of the above, has remained patiently on a back burner, waiting (I would presume) for me to return to it.

That process began a few weeks ago; Going over what I wrote previously, I’ve found that a few things did indeed simmer up rather nice while hidden behind everything else. I’ve rewritten some, tweaked a lot, and determined that the time has now come to get back to this site.

If you were a subscriber before, than thanks for your patience; I hope you’ll find this ‘reboot’ better than the first time around.

And if you’re a new reader… Well, then, welcome.

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