1.01: Suze-A! Reports\Episode 01

Air Date:    Sunday 29 July 2041ce
Network:    ECNN on NewsNet Quantum

[Commercial Ending… Three. Two. One. Blank screen.]

Suzanne Anderson (Voice Over)
The following is an East Coast Network News Production.

[Roll Interview One-Thirty-Eight Segment Six. Fade In.]
[Post Name “Lou Kimble, Missouri Resistance, Retired”]

Suzanne Anderson (Off Camera)
What can you tell me about The Reverend?

Lou Kimble
You’re asking about the Battle of Braymar.

Suzanne Anderson (Off Camera)
That’s where you encountered him?

Lou Kimble
Yes. Resistance forces were tied down, bunkered in an old junkyard. It wasn’t enough to keep the bulls out, but none had shown up yet, so we were hanging on.

[Roll Segment Eight]

Lou Kimble
The droogs were still using those first-generation blasters, so even without the bulls it was only a matter of time before they got through the perimeter. But they were certain to get through, and there was no way out for us.

Then there’s this guy…

[Roll Re-Enactment One]

Lou Kimble (Voice Over)
He starts talking about courage and strength, and belief in the human will. A few of us… Well, we figured this guy was just prepping us for a final suicide strike. And to be honest, charging out and getting killed seemed a much better idea than just sitting there waiting for it.

And he does it. He gets everyone riled up. Everyone’s grabbing and checking their weapons, gathering up at the front barricade. Someone fired up the tractor to drag the pile of demolished cars away from the gate, but that’s when… When it happened.

This guy… He just waved his hands all like a Jedi or something. And the cars just slid to the side.

Everyone was stunned. It was like a… A kind of magic.

But without a moment’s hesitation, before anyone had chance to truly register what we just saw, this guy just goes running out.

[Roll One-Thirty-Eight Segment Ten]

Suzanne Anderson (Off Camera)
Did he have any weapons?

Lou Kimble
Not that I saw… But he must have. And nothing like the rest of us had. He had energy weapons. Like the droogs.

Suzanne Anderson (Off Camera)
So what did you see?

Lou Kimble
Lights. A lot of light. Reds and greens. He was just ripping through the biomechs, breaking through their line and making way for our folks to gain a position outside the perimeter.

[Fade Out To Black.]
[Roll Interview Seventy-Five Segment Eighteen, Audio Only]

Unidentified Male Voice
I watched this man tear his way through a pack of ravagers like they were kittens.

[Roll Interview Thirty-Seven Segment Twelve, Audio Only]

Unidentified Female Voice
My son and I were cornered in an alley, with a bull preparing to charge. And then, there was this flash of red. The bull collapsed, missing most of its side. Then we could see him, just standing there.

[Roll Interview Sixty-Two Segment Fourteen, Audio Only]
[Begin Audio Fade]

Unidentified Female Voice
We were packed and ready to withdraw from Lincoln at first light. During the night, though, the entire southern line burst into flames. We’d never seen anything like it. And when morning came…

[Queue Suzanne onto Image Stage]
[Roll Diorama Footage: North America War Zone, 2020s]

Suzanne Anderson
By the year Twenty-Eighteen, the Invaders had a solid hold of the Gulf Coast, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Southern California. In the north, New Canada clinging to the Pacific Coast and the North-Eastern States of America making their stand at the Atlantic, while the soon-to-be nation of Nunavut rallied the refugees that flooded into central Canada. Together, they formed a line that would succeed in keeping the war from progressing further north.

Over the course of the next twelve years, up until the completion of the Springfield Offensive and the Battle of Reno, this highly contested region would become the source of numerous myths. And very few of those myths are as consistent, or as widespread, as those you just heard, themselves just a small… Incredibly small… Sample of what I was to hear and learn about this mysterious rogue figure, with a crown and beard of wild brown hair and a long black trench coat, traveling through the War Zone.

But as I investigated the reported sightings, seeking the truth behind the myth, there was another side of this enigmatic name that required looking into.

[Roll Interview One-Twenty-Six Segment Four]
[Post Name: General Urich, NES Atlantic-Central Command]

Suzanne Anderson (Off Camera)
What can you tell me about The Reverend.

General Urich
The Reverend was an intelligence gathering agency active in the northern states from Minnesota to Nebraska, operating all the way to the East Coast.

Suzanne Anderson (Off Camera)
Who’s agency?

General Urich
The Reverend was not known to operate within any federal or resistance command structure, either prior or contemporary to their years of activity.

[Image Stage]
[Camera 3, less focus on Suzanne’s left hand.]

Suzanne Anderson
While there is nothing to suggest that the war zone legend from the Deep Resistance states and the intelligence agency noted for contributing to a multitude of NES and Resistance victories are one and the same, inquiries into this agency … Who was in it? How many personnel? Did it have a central body or was it a collective network? Those proved just as mysterious as the famed ‘man in black’ that roamed the Northern Planes to Texas, as no one could provide an answer.

And regarding the most essential questions regarding any intelligence agency…

[Roll Interview One-Twenty-Six Segment Twelve]
[Post Name: General Urich, NES Atlantic-Central Command]

Susanne Anderson
How did The Reverend deliver intel?

General Urich
That information remains classified.

Suzanne Anderson
When was the last time The Reverend made contact?

General Urich
That is also classified.

Suzanne Anderson
What was the last message received?

General Urich
That, too, remains classified.

[Image Stage]

Suzanne Anderson
Are the man and the intelligence agency truly the same? Or is the shared name and lack of information simply coincidence, born of the overlap between the ‘fog of war’ and military secrecy? How did the man known as The Reverend do all the things he’s said to have done? And how can an intelligence agency operate in the north-eastern war zone for over a decade in complete secrecy, with a level of accuracy unmatched until recent days? And where is The Reverend, either of them, now?

My name is Suzanne Anderson. Raised in the Pennsylvania Resistance, I grew up listening to many of the rumors, legends and myths which made its way through the underground during the virtual dark age that was the early Resistance Era. After the liberation of Pennsylvania, I took on the mission of tracing these stories, whenever possible, back to their origins.

I have spent most of the past fifteen years traveling through resistance territories, collecting thousands of hours of interviews, video footage, and personal accounts to unravel some of the Invasion’s strangest mysteries.

And nothing has proven to be as mysterious, or as strange, as The Reverend.

[Roll Theme]
[Queue Commercial Set One]

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