1.03: Suze-A! Reports\Episode 02

Air Date: Sunday 5 August 2040ce
Network: ECNN on NewsNet Quantum

[Commercial Ending… Three. Two. One. Blank screen.]

Suzanne Anderson (Voice Over)
The following is an East Coast News Network Production.

[Roll Fargo Distress Call Tape 4.]
[Transcription On.]

Unidentified Female Voice
Attention! Attention! All who can hear me! Calling for emergency evacuation from this location. Invaders have swarmed the complex! Require immediate evac!

Unidentified Male Voice
What is location?

Unidentified Female Voice
Fargo. Repeat, Fargo. Heading west to Hector International.

[Fade Out.]
[Image Stage. Roll Resistance Era Footage. Queue Suzanne.]

Suzanne Anderson
During the year of the Viskir Plague and the slither menace, hundreds of research facilities were established in some of the most remote locations, an effort to keep the staff secluded and, hopefully, isolated from possible infection while they attempt to find the cause and cure.

A year after the plague, those which survived the initial appearance of the Invader biomechs continued to function as research facilities attempting to discover everything they could about the aliens and their technology.

But in the chaos and destruction that came with the start of the war, the records for many of these outposts were lost. Even today, salvage teams working protectorate territories uncover abandoned or fallen laboratories tucked away in distant canyons and at high elevations, with no way of determining who had manned the station or why.

Yet, there is one research facility that has reached legendary status, having at least twice changed the way we stand against the Invaders, while only leaving two possible evidences for its actual existence.

[Roll Re-Enactment One.]

Suzanne Anderson (Voice Over)
March Fourth, Twenty-Twenty-One, thirteen hundred zulu. The New Canada Information Network, a regional internet serving New Canada, Washington Resistance. and the Alaskan States, identifies an unauthorized intrusion within one of its host servers. The intrusion originates in the northern Midwest region and lasts no more than two seconds.

A minute later, sixteen news agencies with offices connected to the network receive notification of new information vital to the war effort, leading reporters to see what New Canada’s internet security themselves were just discovering.

[Roll Facility One Website Screen Images.]

Throughout, pages of technical data regarding the Invader’s shield technology, including models on how it was possible to create a feedback loop within the shield matrix and, if pushed to its extreme, cause a temporary shutdown of one or more shield generators.

Following that were the designs for the original listening stations which can be used to measure and record the output of a nearby shield generator in order to observe the progress of a feedback loop.

And finally, the process of forging three never before seen alloys which could only be manufactured in a zero-gravity environment which, when processed into munitions, both increased the feedback reaction and more easily penetrated biomech armor plating.

The combined information became the foundation of today’s siege strategy.

[Image Stage. Roll Second Space Race archive footage.]

The need for a fully operational space program, capable of harvesting metals from Luna and transporting them to orbital manufacturing platforms, led to the formation of the Terran Accords, and gave birth to the Articles of Humanity. Over time, with all the world’s scientists and engineers called to task, the materials were perfected further, the designs improved and, eventually, giving rise to new designs, and our planet’s moon was officially colonized.

[Image Stage: Roll early Siege Warfare archive footage.]

And the Invader’s were halted in their advance.

[Continue thirty-seconds for emotional impact.]

But who was responsible for this first giant step forward in saving humanity from extinction?

[Image: Website Code Data.]

Our only clue was buried in website’s metadata, “As reported by Facility One.”

[Image Stage: Resistance Era siege warfare.]

The allied nations of Terra would solidify over the next two years; New Canada would lend direct support into the central region of former Canada, as well as to Washington and Oregon, which the NES would officially form itself into a constitutional republic. Nunavut would declare its independence. Alaska would begin its relationship with Eastern Siberia.

And all the while, the world watched Facility One’s website waiting for an update.

A wait that would finally end on the first of June, twenty-twenty-three.

[Image: Updated Website.]

At zero hundred zulu, by means unknown, the site received its one and only update: The design plans for the first human shield generators.

[Image State: Early shield production.]

Immediately, Terran nations begin planning the means of production for the generators which, thankfully, could be made on normal-gravity. Iceland, Greenland, Nunavut, Alaska… TASC moved forward to establish shield use by human forces as soon as possible.

But Facility One had one more surprise to deliver, a final twist in the saga of shield development.

[Roll General Hitchens Interview Segment Seven.]
[Post Name: General Hitchens, SWS Tactical Command]

General Hitchens
My troop… We were all US soldiers, Army and Marines, a few National Guard. We gathered up originally in Wisconsin, right after everything fell apart. We drifted westward, until we were operating in South Dakota. A Resistance cell contacted us with a supply run. There was nothing unusual about that, and when we learned it was scientific material, that wasn’t surprising either.

The odd part was distance.

But we were assured that the package was of incredible importance, and not just beakers and test tubes, so I accepted the run.

I had no idea what was really in them until we got to Nevada and delivered them to General Melaku’s troop.

[Roll Footage: Suzanne at Nevada Resistance Museum.]

Suzanne Anderson
The crates in this display are from that delivery, remaining at the Resistance bunker to which they were delivered until shortly after the Battle of Reno. At the top, burned into the wood, are the latitude and longitude coordinates where the delivery was to occur, while at the bottom, the words, “From Facility One.”

[Roll General Hitchens Interview Segment Nine.]

Suzanne Anderson
So you personally never had any contact with Facility One?

General Hitchens
The package was given to me through the Resistance network in the area, same as a thousand others.

[Roll Stock Footage: Resistance Era networked communications.]

Suzanne Anderson (Voice Over)
On the sixteenth of August twenty-twenty-three, a news story hits about reports from Resistance Cells in north-east California of seeing shield technology being used against the Invaders. Within forty-eight hours, aerial and orbital observations had confirmed that a Nevada Resistance troop had obtained shield technology and were successfully using it on the battle field.

This, while nations which had re-established industry were still setting up production.

[Roll Stock Footage: Early shield application.]

Within a year, hard points, buildings, military bases and entire cities are protected by the same shield barriers that protected the Invader hives.

And yet, as before, no one knew the identity of their benefactor.

[Fade Out.]

But the mystery of Facility One was about to take another strange turn.

[Roll Fargo Distress Call Tape 4.]
[Post Information: Recorded 4 January 2024 by Green Bay Short Wave Repeater, Wisconsin.]
[Transcription On.]

Unidentified Female Voice
Attention! Attention! All who can hear me! Calling for emergency evacuation from this location. Invaders have swarmed the complex! Require immediate evac!

Unidentified Male Voice
What is location?

Unidentified Female Voice
Fargo. Repeat, Fargo. Heading west to Hector International.

Unidentified Male Voice
Distress call, we have aerial view of location. Please identify troop or station.

Unidentified Female Voice
(Pause) Research station in Fargo.

Unidentified Male Voice
Distress call, you are on the edge of Aberdeen territory. Please identify for retrieval.

Unidentified Female Voice
(Long Pause) Facility One.

Unidentified Male Voice
Repeat and confirm.

Unidentified Female Voice
Facility One.

Unidentified Male Voice
(Pause) Confirmed. Eyes are on you, retrieval team on its way. Proceed to Hector International.

Unidentified Female Voice
Understood. Fargo out.

Unidentified Male Voice
Godspeed, Fargo.

[Image Stage: Black.]

Suzanne Anderson
This conversation was recorded by thirteen monitoring and repeat stations throughout the North American continent. To date, however, the identity of those confirming their assistance to the distress call has never been determined. That this unknown party had confirmed aerial sighting of those calling for assistance, however, has limited the possibility to three agencies: Minnesota Resistance, New Canada or the North-Eastern States, all of which had missions operating in North Dakota air space.

None, however, have any record regarding an emergency retrieval from Fargo.

And while several individuals have claimed over the years to have been at Facility One and party to the goings on there, not one has been able to provide that single piece of crucial information that would support their assertions… Where, exactly, is Facility One?

[Display Image: Map of Aberdeen Territory. Slow Zoom to Fargo.]

Suzanne Anderson (Voice Over)
Additionally, Fargo lies on one of the boundary-corners of Aberdeen, a land controlled by violent anarchists who hold their borders through the possession of nuclear weapons while raiding the surrounding territories for food and supplies. Many of those who have gone to Fargo seeking to find Facility One have met a violent end at the hands of these renegade outlaws.

Those who do manage to survive their search have returned empty handed.

[Blank Background.]

Suzanne Anderson
Between the legacy, the secrecy, and the mystery, Facility One has become one of the greatest legends of the early years of the Invasion. Many stories have been told regarding its location, size, faculty, original purpose, and the experiments said to have occurred there, mundane and bizarre.

And on the west coast, the South-Western States include in their military and scientific research budgets two large allotments noted simply as Facility Two and Facility Three. Officials within the SWS government, including the Federal Army and SciCorps, have stated that these names were used in the spirit of Facility One, continuing the research necessary to bring about a decisive human victory.

[Display Image: Area 51 No Trespassing Sign.]

All of it… Classified.

[Roll Stock Footage, Facility One-credited Technology on Battle Field.]

Tonight, we’ll explore the pre-Invasion history of Fargo to determine if a top secret lab could have been constructed outside the notice of the local residence and news media?

We’ll consider how Facility One could learn so much about shield technology when the Invader’s own technology self-destructs when separated from its biological components?

And could a short notation written on the margins of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer’s report be a clue to the movements of the Fargo refugees?

[Roll Theme]
[Queue Commercial Set One]

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