1.05: Morning Headlines

Air Date: Wednesday 8 August 2040ce
Network: WCNS on NewsNet Quantum

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Daryl Hanson
Good morning. This is Daryl Hanson live at the West Coast News Service Francisco desk and these are your top stories.

[Close Angle. Display SWS and NES Flags Insert.]

The SWS delegates for the Coalition Constitutional Committee depart for Chicago this morning to meet with their counterparts representing the NES. Although writing a constitution has often been a long process of lengthy debate, both nations currently have constitutions based on the US Constitution and are expected to produce a document of like nature.

Support for Reunification runs high here in the west, but there is considerable resistance coming from the Southern Bloc of the NES, while the northern-most states, formerly part of Canada, express cautious skepticism.

Meanwhile, Chicago Police are preparing blockades and establishing water stations throughout Grant Park in expectation of large crowds of supporters and protestors.

Once complete, the drafted Coalition constitution will go to each congress for review, consideration and amending. If the two legislative houses are able to establish a consensus by October First, the question of Reunification will go to the ballot this election year.

[Change Angle. Display Reno Command Seal Insert.]

Reno Command has ordered a comprehensive review of all artillery hard points directed at the Phoenix and Tuscan hives, as well as all front-line hard points targeting the complex hive in Mexico City. The review is intended to prioritize the installation of upgraded weapons which will begin after the end of the year.

[Change Angle. Display Southern California Map Insert.]

Yesterday, a Field Troop in Southern California contacted Regional Command with surprising news last night.

[Roll One-Eight-Six Video.]

Daryl Hanson (Voice Over)
California Field Troop Four-Zero dash One-Eight-Six recorded a once-in-a-lifetime sight…

A female Mojave desert tortoise, believed until that very moment to be extinct, in the act of laying a clutch of eggs.

The troop observed and recorded the tortoise for some time, but otherwise maintained their distance, leaving the tortoise alone.

A zoological team was dispatched by SciCorps, confirming the species of the tortoise and establishing a habitat-perimeter. The barrier is intended to keep the area around the eggs at a temperature comparable to pre-Invasion averages in order to better insure live births.

The mother was given a complete veterinary examination, deemed healthy and fit though slightly malnourished from living on the edge of deadland. While a habitat will be created for transplanting the later hatchlings, the tortoise herself was fixed with a tracking chip in hopes that releasing her into the wild may help locate other surviving tortoises, including the father.

[Return to desk.]

Daryl Hanson
SciCorps also took a sample of blood for potential cloning in the Species Restoration Project.

[Change Angle. Display Network Logo.]

Thank you for watching. For more information on these and other stories, visit the West Coast News Service on NewsNet Quantum.

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