1.07: Forward Position

Air Date: Tuesday 14 August 2040z
Network: S&S-NA on NewsNet Quantum

[Commercial Ending in Three… Two… One… Queue Theme. Go Live.]

Henry Maguire
Good morning, troopers and sailors of North America, and all viewers home and abroad. Thank you for watching Stars & Stripes, these are your military headlines from Forward Position.

[Close Up.]

Just minutes ago, the Terran Accord Security Council has confirmed three major developments in the War Effort during the last twelve hours.

[Display Chile-Argentina Map Insert.]

Chilean forces have taken down the last hive in La Rioja, Argentina. This follows the recent removal of the San Juan and Mendoza hives last month, opening the way to besiege the complex hive located Cordoba.

[Change Angle. Display Middle East Map Insert.]

Meanwhile, at approximately oh-five-fifteen Zulu, Turkish forces under the cover of Cyprus air support removed the last Damascus hive, establishing a stable front from Haifa to Daraa. This is the sixth major victory since the beginning of Operation Mount.

[Change Angle. Display Thailand Map Insert.]

But these two victories come under the shadow of a bitter defeat being reported from the Bangkok Siege after Thailand Resistance failed to overload the hive’s shield generators before exhausting munitions.

Thailand Command has called its forces back as far as Sinakharim, a lake in the wilds of Kanchanaburi. Myanmar Resistance, which holds the Andaman Coast, has begun sending medical supplies and rations, but have called upon the Accord Nations to assist in relief efforts and securing the front against Invader advances.

East of Bangkok, the Cambodia Provisional Government has sent support troops into Sa Kaeo, Chanthaburi and Trat to assist Thailand Resistance in holding those provinces and maintain the security of their own holdings.

[Change Angle. Display Minnesota Map Insert.]

An outpost along the Minnesota-North Dakota border repelled an attacking force of Aberdeen raiders this morning.

The raiders were nearly fifty in number, but the bunker at MT-Seventeen was designed to withstand biomech weaponry and proved too much of a challenge for the raiders who retreated after suffering heavy losses.

[Wide Shot. Display S&S-NA Logo.]

In just a few minutes, we’ll go live to Santiago where Chilean Defense Secretary Tapia will brief the press on the final hours of the La Rioja siege.

[Queue Commercial Set One.]

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