1.09: Arizona Evening News

Broadcast: Sunday 29 August 2040ce
Network: Flagstaff Regional (ADS1) on NewsNet Quantum

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Helen Breaux
Good evening. This is Helen Breaux filling in for Chris Kelly, who has been called in for an unannounced drill for the Flagstaff Defense Militia.

Here are Arizona’s leading stories…

[Display Flagstaff Militia Insignia.]

The Federal Militia Oversight Council, with the consent of the Arizona Provisional Government, staged a surprise readiness inspection for all Flagstaff Defense Militia Troops.

Inspectors calling the rolls reported that ninety-six percent of the militia members arrived within the desired window of time, with less than one percent failing to report before the militias began their two-day hike to East Bravo Camp.

Over the next week, the militias will renew their certifications in first aid, emergency responder, equipment, weapons and emergency shield maintenance.

[Display American Freedom West Logo.]

This morning, Home Guard Arizona founder and president David Miles called for HGA members, families and supporters to assemble tomorrow on the steps of the State Capital Building. Speaking on his show on the Freedom West Shortwave Radio Network this morning, Miles made the argument that if the SWS is going to dissolve itself in order to form a larger federal government with the NES, then Arizona citizens have the right to vote on the issue of Arizona’s status as a Protectorate State.

[Full Screen Display Image of David Miles, HGA Logo Adjacent.]
[Label: “August 9th, Freedom West Shortwave Radio Network”]
[Scroll Transcript.]

David Miles (Voice Over)
We’ve spent the last eight years in Protectorate Hell… The hives within our borders are given only a token effort. Just enough to keep the hives from making life hard on Nevada and California, but not enough to finally liberate us. That isn’t protection; That’s a protection racket.

I’m calling for every Arizonian to join me tomorrow in Flagstaff, where the Federalist’s puppet government pretends to govern and demand… Yes, demand… That this issue be put to the voters. When the SWS dissolves itself, why should we allow an even bigger and even more bloated liberal nanny government take over?

We can take our freedom back the way the Founders intended. And if the Federalists defy the will of the people, then we’ll take it back the way the Founders knew was permissible.

[Return to News Desk.]

Helen Breaux
The HGA has notified Flagstaff law enforcement that they expect nearly five hundred participants at tomorrow’s event.

[Display Map of Arizona/New Mexico Border.]

While incursions into Navajo and Apache Counties from New Mexico have been on the decline since the successful completion of the Lone Star Offensive, Apache Command reported today a long-awaited milestone. Completing an assessment of First Nations Militia contact with Invader units west of San Rafael, the assessment measures Invader incursions to just below twenty-five percent of the rate prior to establishing the Albuquerque Siege.

This has permitted the First Nations Resistance to begin establishing permanent outposts throughout the entire El Malpais region.

[Display ADS1 Station Logo.]

When we return, new vegetables from the Eastern Siberia grow houses have been approved for import by the FDA. Find out what you could be adding to your meals as early as New Years.

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