1.13: Breaking News

Broadcast: Monday 24 September 2040ce
Network: WCNS on NewsNet Quantum

[Cut into Scheduled Programming in Three… Two… One… Main Camera.]

Michael Perez
We interrupt your scheduled program for this breaking news story.

The SWS Senate has just voted approval of the proposed Constitution of the Coalition States of North America.

Voting closed with twenty-nine Yes votes, zero Nos, and one, Senator Mendoza of Nuevo Leon, abstaining.

Despite the strong support for Reunification here on the western side of the continent, heated debate continues in the NES Senate as the Conservative Caucus continues to delay voting through parliamentary procedure.

Should the NES Senate not approve this version of the proposed constitution, the question of Reunification will not appear on this year’s ballot, possibly delaying the formation of the CSNA until the next general election in twenty-forty-four.

We now return you to your scheduled programming.

[Return to Scheduled Programming.]

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