1.15: Evening News

Broadcast: Friday 28 September 2040ce
Network: ECNN on NewsNet Quantum

[Commercial Ending in Three… Two… One… Queue Theme. Go Live.]

Tray Martin
Good evening. This is Tray Martin at the ECNN News Desk in Philadelphia.

[Display SWS and NES Flags over Coalition Constitution.]

Tonight’s leading story… Voting ended on the Senate Floor an hour ago, the last fifteen minutes an explosion of outrage.

[Roll Footage: Yelling and screaming in Congress.]

Tray Martin (Voice Over)
After withholding their votes until four-forty-five, the Corporate Wing of the Conservative Caucus placed theirs with the Business Caucus, aligning themselves with small business and leaving Religious Conservatives standing alone in dissension.

[Roll Footage: Senator Blakefield at Podium.]

Conservative Caucus Leader Senator Blakefield of Illinois spoke bitterly of the change in position, stating that ‘the powers of capitalism have surrendered to Marx’, in reference to the Business Caucus’ support for socialized health care and a more robust educational system.

[Roll Footage: Senator Hartford at Podium.]

North Carolina Senator Hartford took the podium when learning of the shift, with these words for his fellow North Carolinian, Senator Ruebins.

Senator Hartford
This is not the vote of a proud Son of the South. This is the vote of a carpetbagger, a Yankee sympathizer, and a scalawag. The vote of a man who turns his back on tradition and honor. Do you wish to see brother fight brother again? For the blood of family to spill upon our soil once more?

[Return to News Desk. Display Forty Star Coalition Flag Ballot Image.]

Tray Martin
With the sudden rift in the Conservative Caucus, the already lagging candidacy of Herman Dorrins, favorite for social conservatives, is expected to plunge even further.

[Update Teleprompter.]

Election analysts are now predicating a mandate election as voters are expected to turn out in record numbers during the two weeks that polls are open.

[Change Camera. Display Presidential Seal.]

In just a few minutes, I’m now being told, President Whitaker will make an address in the Presidential Press Room, so we’re going to go to a short break and then tap into our live cameras there.

Stay tuned.

[Queue Commercial Set One.]

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