1.17: Arizona Freedom with David Miles

Broadcast: Friday 5 October 2040ce
Network: Freedom West Shortwave Radio Network

[Control of Frequency in Three… Two… One.]
[Play Music Intro: We’re Not Going to Take It by Twisted Sister (Excerpt)]

David Miles
Good morning, defenders of freedom throughout the world. This is David Miles, broadcasting from within federally occupied Arizona. Location undisclosed, for obvious security reasons.

Which, I’m pleased to report… May be coming to its final end.

That’s right… For weeks now, we’ve been fighting to have our voices heard. And the resistance has been fierce. The federalist media sought to ignore us. The federalist puppets in congress sought to silence us. And the liberal bastion of Flagstaff, a city of children sucking off the federal tit, sought to belittle us.

But, we the people of Arizona… We could not be ignored. Could not be silenced. And could not be ridiculed into submission by the ivory tower liberals.

Yesterday, despite objections from every caucus represented in the state legislature… Despite being a caucus of one, Congresswoman Ritchens presented her Question of Arizona Protectorate Status under the Coalition States bill.

Now, the liberals didn’t want this on the floor.

Right from the beginning… The moment they heard we were putting together a rally to voice our objections to being subjugated by an even larger government bureaucracy… The federalists launched a most conveniently timed… Well, what they called a ‘militia training exercise’. And, of course… Most of my local listeners, are committed to our state defense. The militias call, we answer.

So by tying up our local militias, the federalists ensured a low turnout on the state capital.

And we have heard… For the past several weeks now… About how that low turnout proved that we are just a fringe movement, castoffs of a bygone era… Who don’t have the good sense to move into their cities, pay their taxes, and send our children to be indoctrinated in their schools.

And in congress, they have used every parliamentary trick available to them to prevent the Question from going up for a vote.

After all, how could the liberals appease their federalist masters without exposing The Great Lie?

Without revealing to all the world that the SWS is unconcerned with democracy…? Without showing us that they find the will of the people to be inconvenient and troubling?

Well, I certainly hope we’ve vexed them greatly. Vexed them greatly indeed!

But yesterday morning, Congresswoman Ritchens introduced her bill. She spoke for nearly twenty minutes, speaking in defense of our political views and our way of life and our heritage. She explained, in terms that could not be denied, the importance of Arizonians having their say. And she called out each and every member of congress known to be nothing more than instruments of the SWS.

And once she was done, the federalist puppets caved. There was no argument. Not even debate. They heard the truth and were shamed into submitting to our will.

So a vote was called… And the measure passed.

The Question went before Governor Wright this morning. And for all his bluster and chest pounding, this man who basks in the praise of the crowd… He just signs it. No public ceremony. No parading in front of the camera. Not like with his liberal education bill or his embrace of social market economics…

Not even announcing it himself. Just a press release. “The Governor has signed the bill” we are told through the government’s website. Nothing more.

So now we have something to be hopeful for… And that is for Reunification to pass.

See, the only way to get this vote on was to make the Question specific to the formation of the Coalition States. There wouldn’t have been a vote if this questioned our status as a protectorate of the SWS. Changing our existing relationship with an existing nation would have been a matter of international law… Well, what passes for international law under their Accords, the foreign influence upon our continent’s ability to self-govern.

That the liberals wished for.

That they could have put off until after the election, thus abusing our democratic processes to keep the occupation in place for another four years.

But to seize the very moment that the South-West States of so-called America ceases to exist, to not have our flag go from beneath one federal empire to beneath another, that’s a matter that cannot be denied us. There was no recourse, legally or morally, for them to stand against this.

So now we need to pray… Pray every day… That the federalists get their new world order empire. So that Arizona can finally be rid of them.

With this election coming up… With the stakes so high… The High Reverend Council has called for all keepers of the True Faith to join their voices in prayer, that God may stop this secular monstrosity from becoming a reality. And I know many of my listeners here in occupied Arizona, and around the world as well, will be doing just that.

I don’t blame you one bit.

But it is important… Vital and crucial, in fact… That regardless of the outcome, you vote for Arizona’s independence. You vote and remove the influence of big government from our capital. You make it known that, should God listen to the prayers of the faithful, and we remain under SWS dominion… That we will be back in four years. We will be back and we will finally be the sovereign state God has destined us to be.

So there’s that…

It’s about time for my first break. Sit back for a minute and read my mail, see what reports have come in from the field.

Now when I get back, we’re going to take a long look at the Idaho-Montana situation. Seems that the trade embargoes aren’t enough for the liberals. Now, it seems that SWS forces, while maintaining their illegal occupation of Montana, have permitted Montana scavengers to lay claim to resources vital to Idaho’s survival.

These people are rats of the lowest order… What would they do if federal troops weren’t there protecting them from the Starspawned? They’d be fighting and dying, that’s what. They wouldn’t have time to steel idaho’s property and wealth.

If things there do go bad… If this turns into a conflict… It would be the first human war in nearly thirty years.

We’ll look at how this came about in just a few minutes.

Stay tuned.

[Play Music: Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.]

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