1.19: National Nightly News

Broadcast: Wednesday 4 November 2040ce
Network: East Coast News Network on NewsNet Quantum

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[Go Live. Display Coalition Flag.]

Maxine Kent
Good evening. This is Maxine Kent at the Buffalo News Desk with tonight’s big story.

The two-week voting period has ended with polls closing an hour ago and the Federal Election Committee has confirmed that Reunification has passed with eighty-eight percent of the vote.

Maine and Pennsylvania tied for the highest support, both passing Reunification by ninety-eight percent.

Of the former Canadian states, Nova Scotia holds the top sport for supporting Reunification, voicing ninety-five percent approval. Prince Edward Island voted the least approval, with seventy-three percent supporting Reunification.

[Roll Footage: Celebrations in various NES Cities.]

Maxine Kent (Voice Over)
In many cities, towns and other population centers, revelers took to the streets and roof tops, engaging in civil jubilee of celebration. Many citizens were seen waving, hanging or raising the forty-state flag that will be the first flag of the Coalition States of North America.

But not everyone is expressing happiness over the election results.

[Roll Footage: Protesters in various NES Cities.]

Maxine Kent
In Illinois, voters approved of Reunification with only a four-point margin. Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee all voted against Reunification, with Tennessee voting eighty-five percent against. Throughout all of the Southern Bloc, as well as in southern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, protestors began gathering outside state and federal buildings.

[Return to News Desk; Display Coalition Flag.]

While voting has ended here in the NES, polls remain open for two more hours in the South Western States. Exit polling data has projected over ninety-percent of SWS voters approving Reunification.

[Display Cascadia Map.]

In New Canada, Washington and Oregon, voters approved a resolution for their governments to look towards the possible formation of a trade authority to manage the region’s import and export, opening their own borders to free trade among themselves.

While there is little support for a combined federal government, citizens of New Canada and the independent coastal states to their south share a strong bond through the early war effort in the region, and greater unity and cooperation is sought by many.

[Display Idaho Map.]

In a vote that is viewed as mostly symbolic, Idaho voters struck down an identical proposition. However, despite a large portion of Idaho being part of the Cascadia region, the states considering the treaty had not sought Idaho’s inclusion due to the state’s refusal to sign the Articles of Humanity.

Tensions are already high between Idaho and their neighbors, who impose heavy tariffs against goods passing through their borders due to Idaho’s poor human rights record.

[Display ECNN Logo.]

When we return, we’ll look into the steps that will need to be taken over the next two months in order for Reunification to occur on January first.

[Queue Commercial Set One.]

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