1.23: Suze-A! Reports\Episode 10

Broadcast: Sunday 1 December 2040ce
Network: ECNN on NewsNet Quantum

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Suzanne Anderson
Before the Invasion, there had been a small but active counter-culture regarded as the Doomsday Preppers.

Some believed that the ‘new world order’ of democracy and secular reasoning established by the United States Constitution was doomed to fail under its own weight. Others, that some massive upheaval was pending, for reasons ranging from the magical to simply because the universe was such a place. The overwhelming majority of these Preppers, however, were motivated by the Revelation of Saint John, the last text widely recognized as an official part of Christian mythology, which spoke of a divine war between good and evil, the signs for which had, according to believers, were clearly seen…

For two thousand years.

[Roll Neo-Confederate/TEA Party Images.]

Suzanne Anderson (Voice Over)

In twenty-oh-eight, the United States elected its first African American president. While this remains a testament to American progress in racial equality, it also enraged those elements of the population less pleased with such changes.

The election of President Obama gave rise to a social, and oft times violent, insurgence of Neo-Confederate thinking known as the Tea Party. Financed by free market capitalists and appealing to religious conservatives and racial puritans, this insurgency strove to fulfill an agenda of obstruction and, whenever possible, deconstruction.

For the Corporatists of this time, the movement provided a means of increasing and consolidating power. For social conservatives, it was an opportunity to punish the rest of the nation for growing too educated, too liberal and too secular.

It was easy enough to find people within this movement who say the election of President Barack Obama was a sign that the ‘End Times’ were upon us, and the majority of Preppers of that time were supporters of the movement. Yet within the movement, a thin but widely dispersed group of united churches began to campaign heavily within the southern states, spreading warning of an impending apocalypse, for which they had a very specific description, and a name for the era which would follow.

[Single Image: Reverend RE Marshall, Circa 2010.]
[Scroll Transcript.]

Reverend Marshal (Audio Only)
You know it’s coming. We all do. That’s why we’re here. It’s why you’ve come to me. You know it’s coming to an end. The signs have been revealed, as prophesied in the Book of Revelations. The signs have been revealed, and the Wrath of God’s Final Judgment is preparing even now to rain down upon us. Rain down in righteous fury for turning our backs on God and His eternal, unchanging laws. Judgment is coming, and it brings fire and it brings ice and it will all fall down upon us from Heaven above!

And when that day comes, we shall be the first day of the Last World.

[Image Set: Roll Images of Pre-Invasion LWC Activity.]

Suzanne Anderson
As the next few years rolled by, this Congregation of the Last World become more organized, stocking supplies in whatever form they could obtain it… Canned foods, seed, weapons and ammunition. Their following was instructed to hide caches throughout the South, and then report the location to their local congregation so that the goods would be available as the survivors needed.

But despite this organization, and the support of several wealthy believers, the Last Worlders did not grow numerous.

Until twenty-fourteen, the year of the Sungrazer Strikes.

[Roll Video: Reverend Mullins Speaking in Pre-Invasion Megachurch.]

Reverent TY Mullins
The days of the Last World have arrived! Look at how swift the godless heathens of the Pacific have faced God’s wrath. New Zealand and Australia in chaos. Millions dead in Asia. Guam, Micronesia, Philippines… Gone! Japan… Ruined! This is the punishment afforded to the Muslim! To the Buddhist and the Hindu! Not only to the savages but to those who adopted their ways. Those who were lured from the grace of Jesus Christ by the savage cults of Satan’s making.

Even the Hawaiians, those primitives who were invited into the American dream of civilized Christian salvation when we adopted their islands, lifting them from barbaric cannibalism and degenerate hedonism, have learned the price of not rejecting their false gods dwelling in the volcanoes, as their garden islands now burn and spew hellfire from below!

[Image Set: Roll Images of Sungrazer One and Two Devastation.]

Suzanne Anderson (Voice Over)
With Reverend Marshal’s prophecy of ‘fire and ice’ seemingly fulfilled, the ranks of the Last World swelled. After Sungrazer Two struck in the central Atlantic, ravaging the South American and African coasts, the leaders of the Last World called for a gathering in Doswell, Virginia.

[Roll Video: Josh Freeman Interview.]

Josh Freeman
We started gathering at the fairgrounds. Didn’t pull a permit. World was falling apart, and no one seemed to really care. It was three days of music and prayer. But it didn’t take long that it was a revival to rival Woodstock. Before the first night was over, the fairgrounds were filled.

[Roll Video: Claire Thomas Interview.]

Clair Thomas
I was fourteen. My parents had converted, but I hadn’t heard the message yet. Not with the ears of a believer, at least. We went there as a family, but I was hoping to find someone cute. Another kid, maybe, that got dragged there. Make out, maybe smoke some weed if there was any around. But it was impossible to find a place to sneak off to. I had never seen so many people before. Not in one place like that.

[Roll Video: Josh Freeman Interview.]

Suzanne Anderson (Voice Over)
But while the gathering had been scheduled to last three nights, something most unexpected occurred.

Josh Freeman
It was an hour or two after sunset on Saturday. And the reverends, they came onstage to lead the Congregation in prayer… That the world, having witnessed and continuing to witness God’s wrath… Turn away from its godless path of socialism and the evolution religion… The lights were lowered so we could see all the stars, reminding us that any one of them could fall at any moment just like the first two strikes… ‘Cause the third hadn’t happened yet.

[Roll Video: Arlene Stark Interview.]

Arlene Stark
Then there was this flash of lightning. Just came streaking out of the sky. Struck the stage, and all the lights and everything exploded. Then all the power went off.

[Roll Video: Claire Thomas Interview.]

Claire Thomas
Everything… Even my phone was dead. Nothing was working anymore. And that’s when they started talking.

[Roll Video: Josh Freeman Interview.]

Josh Freeman
And it wasn’t coming from the speakers. The words just boomed over the crowd. It was impossible not to hear them… You felt them.

[Image Set: Blank.]

Suzanne Anderson
Over the course of the next hour, the five men who would become known as the Honored Reverends, delivered what are known as The Last World Prophecies. And while no other devices were operating, the equipment set up to record several of the musical acts had begun recording.

To date, no one has made a credible claim to have been the one who turned it on.

[Image: Reverend Jackson, circa 2011]
[Scroll Transcript.]

Reverend Jackson (Audio Only)
For while fire and ice have come, there shall be two more scourges upon the land. There shall come the disease that hunts, to lay low a third of mankind before its true nature shall emerge, even more deadly than its first, deceptive guise.

Yet even though that horror may come to be vanquished, then shall the starspawned be unleashed upon the world, to inflict upon mankind a suffering equal that which the Savior would spare us had we not rejected His sacrifice for us.

[Image Stage: Photos from Last World Gathering.]

Suzanne Anderson
Those who witnessed the event attest that the words are exactly those spoken that night. But there is one very unusual difference… While all of the Honored Reverends can be heard speaking at different times, all in a similar even, almost monotonous tone and pace, those who were there…

[Roll Video: Arlene Stark Interview.]

Arlene Stark
No matter which was speaking, there was just one voice between them.

[Roll Video: Clair Thomas Interview.]

Clair Thomas
Thunderous, booming… Powerful and demanding.

[Roll Video: Josh Freeman Interview.]

Josh Freeman
The voice of God!

[Roll Video: Suzanne Anderson In Front Of Security Fencing.]

Suzanne Anderson
The next day, the Last World Congregation sent out the word to meet here, in North Carolina. This fence surrounds almost the entirety of Mount Mitchell and the Pisgah Forest, between Knoxville and Charlotte, the land within privately owned by the Last World Congregation. For members of their church, this is a holy site central to their faith, for it was here that the ‘Faithful’ remained true in their dedication to God while standing against slithers and Invaders.

It is also part of the Last World Prophecies that it will be here that the ‘Antichrist’ would come to power and spread misery and chaos over the world, leading the godless and starspawned alike in their infernal mission to extinguish their ‘True Faith’.

[Roll Video: Suzanne Anderson in front of Faith Point Guard Station.]

Security here is unwavering in its refusal to anybody, Congregate or non-believer alike, from venturing inside without special dispensation from the High Reverends Council, the five heads of Last World Baptist Church, two of whom are the last surviving reverends reported to have spoken with the Voice of God.

Join me now as we delve into the truth, lies and mysteries of Faith Point.

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