1.27: Flag Ceremony Special Report

Broadcast: Tuesday 1 January 2041ce
Network: ECNN on NewsNet Quantum

[Commercial Ending in Three… Two… One…]
[Go Live on Location: Chicago.]

David Weiss [Voice Over]
Welcome back. This is David Weiss in the Jersey City Newsroom.

There are four official flag ceremonies occurring across the nation in just a few minutes, but we are going to review three for a moment before we focus on the one we’ll broadcast live.

[Go Live on Location: Chicago.]

We’re showing you now live video from Chicago, the site selected for the new Capital Building, where we can see a flagpole has been erected.

The troopers here serving as Color Guard, we can see, wear a mixture of uniforms. Every branch of the NES and SWS militaries are represented. These proud Americans are recruiters, either currently stations or transferring in from the western half of our new nation during the next week. Each one volunteering to tend to this task, temporarily assigned to the Capital Color Guard.

At this site later this morning, a groundbreaking ceremony attended by the newly elected Coalition President will officially begin construction of the Coalition capital.

[Go Live on Location: Pennsylvania.]

In Pennsylvania now, where the NES branch of the Capital Color Guard …Which we can see here now. In comparison, they remain composed entirely of NES Army, being the current Color Guard assigned to the Capital. Behind, the NES Capital Building, which will serve as the combined congressional halls until the new capital is completed in Chicago.

Meanwhile, outside Reno Command…

[Go Live on Location: Reno.]

…a Color Guard composed entirely of SWS troopers, have taken their places. Though command of the current NES military structure will remain with NES Central Command, the former NES Chiefs of Staff will relocate to Reno, again until Chicago is complete, where they will merge with Reno High Command for overall command of every branch of the former nations’ militaries.

But one thing all of these locations have in common is that these ceremonies are occurring well before local sunrise.

[Go Live on Location: San Juan.]

Instead, they are timed to coincide with sunrise in San Juan, on the Caribbean East isle of Puerto Rico, capital of the Coalition’s eastern-most state which will experience sunrise before any other.

Here, we see the Caribbean East State Guard Color Guard prepared to raise the Coalition Flag in front of the Federal Building, marking the first official raising of the Flag of the Coalition States of North America.

And, yes, the Color Guard has begun to signal…

[Silence Microphone; Sound Feed from San Juan.]
[Focus on Color Guard Setting Up Flag.]
[Follow Flag to top; Hold for Ten Count.]
[Three… Two… One… Pan Back; Hold for Tend Count.]
[Three… Two… One… Show Crowd; Lower Volume from Location Feed; Resume Host Voice Over.]

And there it is. The forty-star CSNA flag, flying high in San Juan, the first sunrise for a new nation, born this day, January first in the year twenty-forty-one of the common era.

The next state to raise the CSNA flag, in just over twenty minutes, will be Newfoundland and Labrador, in their capital which is similarly named Saint John. That will be at eleven nineteen Universal. It won’t be until fifteen eleven

This will continue eastward, with Madison, Wisconsin, being the last NES state to raise the Coalition flag at thirteen twenty-nine.

The first SWS state scheduled to raise its flag is Quintana Roo, at twelve twenty-five, while the last state to raise the flag, California, will be at fifteen twenty-three.

Each state marking its own moment in history this day… This birth of a new constitutional republic… Born of two thriving nations that arose from the ashes of the United States like a phoenix, bringing humanity from the brink of extinction. Now united, with one flag between them.

[Tone it down.]

May providence abide… Our undertaking.

[Cut to Commercial Set Twenty-Three.]
[Someone get David a Tissue.]

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