1.29: State of The Military

Broadcast: Tuesday 17 January 2041ce
Network: S&S-NA on NewsNet Quantum

[Commercial Ending in Three… Two… One…]
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[Newsroom Live.]

Nate Alvarez
Good evening and thank you for joining us on State of The Military. I’m your host, Nate Alvarez.

Tonight we bring you this special edition focusing on the breaking news which occurred moments ago…

[Roll Video: Voting on CSNA Senate Floors.]

Nate Alvarez (Voice Over)
…as voting on the Coalition Military Charter came to a close, passing seventy-one to nine.

Press Secretary Vanessa Andrews announced shortly after that President Nicholson will sign the Charter into law tomorrow afternoon in a Capital Hall ceremony.

[Roll Video: Voting on Senate Floors.]

The Coalition Military Charter is an omnibus bill which establishes the Coalition States as being in a war time posture as defined by the Accords. It defines six branches under the Secretary of Defense, citing each crucial in the defense and well-being of the state, and establishes the method by which the two militaries will be merged into a single chain of command.

[Roll Video: Montage of Military Footage.]

Much to the upset of what is becoming known as the Traditionalist faction, the Coalition will be adopting the structure of the former SWS. While NES forces were placed under the direction of Secretary of Defense Oswald, Secretary Oswald chose to allow the Charter to pass before taking the initial steps towards doing so.

[Roll Video: Secretary Oswald at DoD Podium.]

Secretary Oswald
While the new structure mimics the structure already in use by the SWS, the only merging to occur is with the former NES Chiefs of Staff becoming part of Reno Command. What we are currently calling East and West forces will retain their existing chains of command, with the exact same lines of communication and procedural methods as before.

In the months to come, troopers from both forces will begin transferring into units that are part of the new Coalition command structure. This permits a full audit, unit by unit and base by base, of all current military assignments, all current duties, and all current hard and soft points under our watch.

[Roll Video: Soldiers in Field Montage, Emphasize Artillery.]

Nate Alvarez (Voice Over)
The Charter also calls for a build-up of nearly one hundred and forty stations and outposts near active war zones, as well as additional training facilities for all branches.

[Newsroom Live.]

The Charter sets high educational standards across the nation, calling for scientists and engineers to advance the war effort.

[Roll Video Insert: Students in School.]

Mathematics and the sciences will gain a strong push in what is intended to be a well-rounded, robust educational experience.

These standards brought strong rejection from the American Values Caucus, regarding them as a ‘social engineering coup for militant liberalism.’

[Roll Video: Senator Luis on ECNN’s Under Fire.]
[Insert Identification: Senator Luis, Tennessee, American Values Caucus.]

Senator Luis
They say, ‘mathematics and science’, but they include their big bang and molecule-to-man evolution, which is not scientific.

They say, ‘mathematics and science’, but the budget is also bloated to push art, music, drama. Actors and painters do not win wars.

They say, ‘mathematics and science’, but their textbooks include nothing more than liberal revisionism regarding pluralism and religion, attacking the modern South for the deeds of a South that no longer exists.

It’s not ‘mathematics and science’… It’s religious indoctrination. This is the West invading the East. It’s ethnic cleansing. The intentional conditioning of our children, our future, to think only in godless terms about our world and our war for survival.

And no freedom-loving American is comfortable with this.

[Roll Video: Senator Blakefield, S&S Interview.]

Nate Alvarez (Voice Over)
Illinois Senator Blakefield, also the American Values Caucus, shared those views, but further criticized the Charter’s definition of voting rights and privileges.

[Insert Identification: Senator Blakefield, Illinois, American Values Caucus.]

Senator Blakefield
In the entire history of America, this has never happened before, an entire segment of the population suddenly told, “No, you can’t vote anymore.” These American nations are of the character where rights are expanded upon. Never trimmed. Never marginalized. Never suppressed.

[Roll Video: Citizens Voting.]

Nate Alvarez (Voice Over)
The Charter recognizes the right to vote for representation per the Terran Accords, with all eligible voters able to vote for local and state government elections as well as district representatives for the Coalition Congress.

Elections for senatorial seats and the presidential office have been defined as a privilege granted to veterans of service.

[Newsroom Live.]

Under the Charter, nearly ninety-percent of the CSNA population qualify as voters, while current enlistment rates among eligible adults has held at sixty-percent for the last five years.

When we return, Rhona Lewis will review the changes resulting in the health care system as the Medical League’s audit of civil and veteran health care services reaches its conclusion.

Later, Steven Westen examines the new regulations for local, state and contract militias.

[Queue Commercial Set One.]

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