1.33: Late Edition

Broadcast: Friday 1 February 2041ce
Network: WCNS on NewsNet Quantum

[Commercial Ending in Three… Two… One…]
[Newsroom Live.]

JoAnne MacGovern
Welcome back to the Salt Lake City Newsroom.

With the Coalition Military Charter passed by Congress and signed into law, Reno Command announced that it would release a list of military sites slated for expansion, improvement and, when necessary, refortification as approved.

This morning, per that schedule, Reno Command released the first of thirty-two fortifications to be scheduled for such work.

Twenty-eight of those locations, however, were most unexpected.

Greg Ulrich has the details.

[Roll Video: Greg Ulrich at Tulancingo.]

Greg Ulrich
I’m standing in the geographical center of what had once been Tulacingo. Located nearly a hundred kilometers north-east of the Mexico City War Zone, and once home to a hundred and fifty thousand, it has remained over the last several years nothing more than a point-marker for the many patrols that hunt for stray biomechs in the region.

Until now…

[Roll Video: Federal Army Engineers Surveying Tulancingo.]

Greg Ulrich (Voice Over)
This morning, this team of engineers under the command of Captain Russel Attucks began the task of preparing the area for construction. Measurements, spikes and streamers, their purpose and meanings recorded, all part of the initial steps of laying out the location for buildings, roads, and…

[Roll Video: Colonel Runningfox at podium.]

Colonel Runningfox
Today begins phase one of the installation and implementation of the Schlagell Battery System.

The technical specifications for these weapons are being dispatched to your respective science editors at this time. However, some aspects of the weapons design remain, for the time being, classified.

The SBS was designed by SciCorps engineers during the past year, with testing at the Indian Springs Weapons Range reaching completion two weeks ago.

Over the course of the next several months, numerous batteries will be assembled and mounted throughout the contested territories. Priorities will be around war zones in Protectorates adjacent to Coalition States, then spreading outward into the northern planes states and into Central America.

The weapon entering deployment is designated Schlagell Mark One; The troopers involved in its testing, however, have come to call it, ‘Little Thumper’.

The Mark One has a firing range of twenty to one-hundred and fifty kilometers and has been tested to have a higher shield penetration rating then every existing artillery system currently in use.

Again, numerous specifics will remain classified until the Mark One enters the theater within the next few months, but I can now take your questions and answer them as best I can.


Mike Halberg
Mike Halberg with ECNN. Can you tell us what form of munition the guns will fire and if they will require the same zero-gravity manufacturing process used for the formorian alloys?

Colonel Runningfox
No, I’m afraid I cannot discuss the actual munitions for these weapons. For the second question, no, none of the Schlagell systems, either the Mark One or later, will use formorian munitions.

Next, yes.

Diann Currey
Diann Currey from Stars & Stripes. Can you be more specific regarding the Mark One’s ability to penetrate hive shields?

Colonel Runningfox
[Pause] Only to say that it is significant.

Next, you…

Jon Siegel
Jon Siegel from Angels Six. A year ago, work was published in the Journal of Physics regarding confirmed manipulations of the shield matrix outside of its generator capacity. Is the Mark One derived from this?

Colonel Runningfox
I am not familiar with that particular paper, but I can state that the Schlagell system in-total is not built on shield technology.

Jon Siegal
Quickly, then, do you know of any systems currently being developed using this technology?

Colonel Runningfox
There are no shield-based systems within any of the R&D projects which I oversee.

Yes, you.

Joan Hartford
Joan Hartford, WCNS. What are the plans for installation? Will these all be new locations, or will currently existing batteries be upgraded to this new technology?

Colonel Runningfox
Phase two of implementation is the systematic replacement of all existing batteries. So, yes.


Bailey Cummings
Bailey Cummings, Stars & Stripes. With the unspecified increase in shield penetration, is the Schlagell system intended to speed up the course of the war.

Colonel Runningfox
That is the intention of every weapon and, ultimately, of every trooper we place in the field. But yes, it is believed that the Schlagell system, once engaged, will be instrumental in creating a drastic change in the pace at which hive shields are overpowered and insertion raids can take place.

[Roll Video: Greg Ulrich in Tulacingo.]

Greg Ulrich
While there remains this veil of secrecy around the Schlagell system, as you can see here, that mystery will soon be… Unveiled.

Greg Ulrich, Tulancingo, Hidalgo.

[Newsroom Live.]

JoAnne McGovern
Thank you, Greg. Late Edition will return in a few moments.

[Roll Commercial Set Four.]

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