2.08: Br Aaron

Date: Monday 4 February 2041ce 1132z
Location: Last World Citadel, Louisville, Kentucky (-0500)

Thy sin is vanity.

Their moment of meditation over, the Chaplains left to begin their morning routines.

Shannon had gone out the main entrance, always starting her day with a run around Citadel grounds, while Michael went to the lobby and called for a down elevator to work out in the gym. As a courtesy, he called for an up elevator before Aaron or Melissa had, as it was their custom to return to their rooms.

He realized that his judgment was of both of them; Melissa for her preoccupation with makeup and fashion, Michael for his over-macho masculinity. Melissa would return to her quarters, spending the next hour or so inspecting her face and hair before putting on her perfectly fitted uniform (the only part of Melissa’s obsession that he understood). Michael, on the other hand, was of the character to go to the gym at its busiest hours and show off.

While not entirely comfortable with Shannon being assumed leader of the Chaplains, he didn’t see anything wrong with her. Indeed, compared to the two standing beside him, Shannon was the one he’d describe as ‘sensible’.

Maybe she should be in charge after all?

After riding the elevator up, which was almost always a quiet moment, the two walked down the hallway together until reaching his door.

“See you at breakfast,” Melissa said, continuing to her own room.

He smiled and nodded as he entered.

Aaron’s quarters appeared a shrine to all things military, the walls adorned with famous Southern Bloc companies and squads, photos of family members who fought in the war against the star spawned demons, and the array of ribbons gained as a Young Chaplain including those earned during his semester at the Front.

He had replaced the bed offered to him for a smaller military issue cot, leaving plenty of floor space of a versatile work out machine.

As was his custom, he turned on the news (Stars & Stripes and its subnetworks the only secular sources he trusted) and caught up with the war effort while preparing his body for the inevitable return to the battlefield.

Let’s see how they fucked up this war again…

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