2.09: Resistance Report

Broadcast Date: Monday 4 February 2041ce
Network: S&S-NA on NewsNet Quantum

[Newsroom Live and In Progress.]
[Aberdeen Map Displayed.]

Mark Cockrell
…at Dakota Command has confirmed that an Aberdeen raiding party has attacked the Cherry Creek Supply Depot.  Fighting continued as Dakota Resistance pursued the raiders as far as the Missouri River, where they were forced to break off pursuit due to Aberdeen’s promise to use its nuclear weapons on a random target if armed forces entered their claimed territory.

Six troopers are reported dead, and another two are missing, presumably taken as hostage into Aberdeen.

This is the fourth raid into Resistance territory in the past month, following months of inactivity, but the first to succeed in penetrating more than a mile over the border before being successfully targeted by an air strike.

Sources are reporting an elevated alert at all outposts and stations from McLaughlin to Reliance and Sioux Falls are in a state of immediate readiness, with Minnesota Resistance providing additional air support in all four states.

We’ll continue to update as information becomes available.

[Display Central America Map.]

In the Gulf, the joint Coalition-Guam Naval Assault on Panama has resulted in a seventy-four percent drop in biomechs from South America crossing into Central America. This reduction has allowed for a strengthening of all major hard points between Panama and the Mexico City War Zone, with the more stabilized conditions having a positive impact on trooper morale among Resistance and Coalition troops alike.

Jason Henry will join us later for a tactical analysis regarding sieges that remain ongoing in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

[Display Oklahoma Flag.]

On other fronts…

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