2.10: HH Reverend Marshal

Date: Monday 4 February 2041ce 1148z
Location: Last World Citadel, Louisville, Kentucky (-0500)

Show yourself.

Nearly three hours had passed since the arrival of the initial report. Now, his primary source of information was the secular news, none of whom had even begun asking the right questions regarding how the raiders successfully crossed the border.

Nor will they ever.

Yet the only means he had of knowing the answers to those exact questions wasn’t producing results.

Hiding something was easy to do quietly, that being the intention. But now that he knew that someone had the will to do such a thing, it would only be a matter of time before they did something loud enough to detect.

So long as I’m watching…

The real problem was that he didn’t believe any of the Queen of Sin’s descendants had it in them.

Is she really still alive?

He knew the methods available to his sister, the manners in which she could keep death at bay, having become quite proficient at one such method himself. But he knew the expenditures she made in her youth, the damage to her body from wielding so much will. For her to still be alive, to have managed to pull it off using any of the methods he knew, and to have done such a thing for so long, was something he’d considered beyond her grasp.

She must really hate me.

The news from Aberdeen over the last few years had given him cause to suspect that the self-styled Queen of Sin was no longer in command of her people; That leaderless, they had turned upon themselves. Aerial observations had clearly shown their numbers had dwindled significantly. The last few weeks, however, had all the look of coordination and planning, even if the raid which had occurred just hours ago was the only one that could be deemed a success.

No telling what that could mean…

If the Queen were not still alive, then a new leader had managed to leash the packs together.

His will had shown him several of her decedents, the bastard spawn of her bastard son. But finding them had become harder for him, their identities clouded and obscured by the chaos which dominated their very beings.

If any of them were even remotely capable of holding the Queen’s former throne, it was beyond his knowledge to fathom who it could be. But he was certain, if he could hear them exerting their will, he could track them using his own.

So close to victory… I must remain vigilant.

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