2.11: James Dawson

Date: Monday 4 February 2041ce 1210z
Location: Mercy’s Heart Mental Health Center, West Virginia (-0500)

James didn’t feel like talking.

He had nothing to say to his siblings. None ever came to visit. Only his mother, the whore-forgiven, and his adopted sister ever bothered.

The man who called himself ‘father’ never did.

For the best.

He no longer saw reason to kill Franklin Dawson; He knew now that was a mistake.

But he never had anything to say to them. Mother would speak of niceties, and Beth had little to talk about, her life consumed with the final year of the officers’ training course that his condition prevented him from completing.

They call this an affliction.

He looked about the room which was the majority of his current existence, deemed too dangerous to mingle with the other patients.

They dare question the Hammer of God?

It had happened to him, and he remembered the experience. Had he pierced the veil? Or had he found message waiting to be found? A fragment of God’s plan casting into the infinite void like a message in a bottle? He could not say for certain.

But there had been something. Something in the void the showed him his destiny. Showed him the power of his will. Showed him the truth of everything.

Stupid mortal brain!

Most of the time, all he could recall was flashes. Faces and ruins and combat and death. A mountain of dead, star spawned and infidel bodies piled together, with James Dawson standing atop in victory.

The world kneeling before him, their righteous savior.

I am the Hammer of God!

“Good morning, James,” Henley’s voice came over the intercom.

James didn’t move or speak, choosing not to look at the camera mounted in the corner.

“Any requests for breakfast?” Henley asked.

Patients had a choice from a very limited menu, and James always let someone else decide for him.

“Talk with you again, soon,” Henley said.

James rarely talked; Most of what he had to say was for his siblings, those born of the father, spoken to the camera that they might hear his words.

Are they getting my messages?

Time was critical, he knew.

The End is nigh.

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