2.12: Dahnz

Date: Monday 4 February 2041ce 1212z
Location: Pups’ Creche, Aberdeen, South Dakota (-0600)

Blood on the wind!

Nostrils flared, Dahnz sprung from the ragged bedding he called home.

He looked from side to side, seeing the other adolescent wolves still asleep.

Nothing here…

He continued gazing into the shadows, certain that his instincts were true. And those instincts insisted that someone had been here just that very moment ago.

A predator…

“Eyes and ears will deceive you,” the teachers had explained. “If instinct disagrees with what you see and hear, then what you see and hear are wrong.”

He went to the den entrance and peered out; The night watch was in their proper place, and clouds on the horizon showed the first evidence of dawn’s arrival.

Dahnz returned to his bed and began retrieving his warmer leggings and jacket.

There are eyes upon me…

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