2.13: Mac

Date: Monday 4 February 2041ce 1220z
Location: Marshal Estate, Louisville, Kentucky (-0500)

“Okay, Mac,” Johnathon said. “He we go.”

The groundskeeper turned the miniature truck to the side of the path.

There, a number of large branches had fallen from above, some of them blocking the path. Behind Body, Mac could hear Johnathon detaching the trailer.

Waiting for an invitation?

Johnathon nudged Body’s arm, prompting Body to climb out and follow Johnathon to the broken deadwood.

“All of this, Mac,” Johnathon said in a friendly tone while lifting one of the branches.

Body reached down and grabbed another branch.

Body then followed Johnathon to the trailer and, repeating Johnathon’s actions of loading the wood into the back.

“That’s it, Mac,” Johnathon said. “Gather all this up. I’ll be back for you and the wood in a little bit.”

Body turned and complied; When Mac next saw Johnathon, he was a good twenty yards distant and vanishing behind a bend.

Do you keep talking when no one’s around?

Most days, Mac would acknowledge that Johnathon was a good man; Never picked on or deliberately fucked with the compliant imbecile that was Body. His mood simply hadn’t improved since waking, especially after watching Body gorge itself on griddle cakes. Most often, he was content to listen to Johnathon engage in his one-sided conversation, talking as if Body were actually participating in the discussion, though having the courtesy to never pretend Body had.

Even if you are just a country bumpkin…

Certainly not the sort Mac, once a prince among cool kid royalty, would have spent his time with as a youth. Unless Adam beat some coolness into him.

Adam was good at that.

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