2.15: Mac

Date: Monday 4 February 2041ce 1310z
Location: Last World Citadel, Louisville, Kentucky (-0500)

How much time had passed, Mac couldn’t have said; Being a point-of-view observer of Body’s tedious work had little interest for him, though it was the monopoly-share of his existence. And actually trying to maintain that observation wasn’t always easy; Where Body sent its eyes and where Mac wanted his focus to be were always in contradiction, which was like being dizzy without feeling dizziness.

But something did suddenly cause him to pay attention to the physical world again.

In the hazy dawn light that managed to penetrate the heavy blanket of clouds, a running figure came into view at the corner of Body’s vision. Body, of course, kept at its task, but as the person continued moving Mac could determine more about them.

Royal blue athletic wear… Running shoes… Red hair! It’s her!

Mac hadn’t observed the girl in quite some time; Most often in the summer but growing less frequent over the years. He had heard conversations telling that she was the daughter of Adam Marshal, and many other rumors that he felt could never be true. There had even been a woman claimed to have been Adam’s widow, with Adam himself having gone into Florida to fight the Invaders and never returning.

More likely, he thought, that Reverend Marshal fathered the child himself and lied in order to retain his reputation. After all, Reverend Marshal had sworn that he wouldn’t kill Body (and thus Mac) so long as Adam still lived, and Adam wasn’t in any condition to go into battle at the time of his presumed death.

The old bastard lies about everything else!

That Adam remained in that condition, Mac had surmised, was the only reason Body still lived without Adam coming to see him.

He managed to obtain one solid look at Shannon as she ran along the path on the low ground that he understood to be the neighboring property line.

She hadn’t grown very tall, and though the athletic wear hid most of her frame, she seemed to have the slender build that always appealed to Mac.

When he was unable to find a boy to his liking, it wasn’t often that hard to find a girl with the suitable shape once he knew where all the young ones were hanging out.

Like me and Adam did that night…

The thought of his last night with Adam brought a phantom pain to Mac’s awareness, a tingling where he’d image the left side of his head, including much of his face, to be.

Before the aliens ever revealed themselves, I already bore a scar from the real war…

He paid as much attention to Shannon as he could, her now having past the point where she was closest to him and continuing on her run.

Body, of course, kept working.

The least you could do is get a hard on for once!

Body pulled more branches towards the truck, Shannon now lost from view.

Is it too much to ask that you jerk off once in a fucking while?

Mac wouldn’t have felt it, but it would have been a nice change in his routine just to witness it.

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