2.16: Dr Scott

Date: Monday 4 February 2041ce 1320z
Location: Facility Two, Southern Nevada (-0800)

It had been some time since Scott was notified of an emergency briefing, and even longer since such a briefing came at 5am.

Whatever am I looking at?

He read the Abstract once more.


It was the same response as the first time he read it.

But the video data showed it to be true, with all the corresponding materials and supporting collaboration.

It’s like Mad Max up there… How…?

If it hadn’t been sent with General Hitchens’ own confirmation code, he’d have thought it a joke.

He was able to watch the Aberdeen raiders work their way upriver using paddles until striking Cherry Creek. He was also able to watch the technicians and their quantum computers completely ignore them, also until the attack began.

And the ensuing shitstorm of chaos and confusion at Reno Command.

Following the raiders down the river was easy enough as well, difference being that Reno Command had been able to track them the entire way, but the prisoners prevented full engagement.

None would order the mercy shot.

Everyone knew what happened to those taken prisoner into Aberdeen, and it bothered him that none would prevent the unjust fate.

I bet they let us watch that.

That returned his mind to the issue at hand, the question asked by Hitchens, and his established answer.

Is this our tech? ~H

He watched the video again.


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