2.17: Br Michael

Date: Monday 4 August 2041ce 1330z
Location: Last World Citadel, Louisville, Kentucky (-0500)

“Ninety-nine,” the Danger Room’s synthetic voice announced, “two.”

He calmed himself, steadied his breathing; The door would open soon, but first he had to wait in the safe zone while the mechanized targets and obstacles shifted back to their default start positions.

The room took up half of Citadel’s second lower level; The machinery of it was the bulk of it, while an early model quantum system managed the operation to prevent serious injury. Not that this prevented injuries in total; Bruises and bloody noses were common, and at least one person got their arm broken when they panicked beyond the system’s ability to compensate before emergency shutdown.

Ultimately, the score given at the end reflected how much of the system’s resources were applied during the exercise.

At 99.2%, Michael owned the leader board for the day, displacing Warwick’s 87.4%.

His score from the previous day, 99.3%, held the top monthly spot.

For this reason, Michael was more determined not to appear physically taxed once outside the Danger Room itself; It wouldn’t suite him to be seen in such a state unless he had improved his score even if the majority of those who saw were themselves unable to break 90%.

Appear nothing less than the perfect man.

“Good run,” the Danger Room attendant said as Michael stepped outside.

“Thanks,” he said casually despite the ache in his chest from constraining the body’s need for oxygen.

Michael strode through the gym retrieving his bag and heading for the showers.

He made it to the stairs, opting the effort of the climb rather than waiting for an elevator, without viewing the leaderboard itself, fully aware of the position he didn’t hold.

Today: Dhillon/99.2%
Month: Dhillon/99.3%
All Time: Marshal/99.4%

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