2.23: Dahnz

Date: 4 Monday February 2041ce 1430z
Location: Pups’ Creche, Aberdeen, South Dakota (-0600)

Still nothing.

Despite some time having past, Dahnz remained bothered by the defensive response which had awoken him that morning.

He wasn’t given to waking up slowly, though the Den Mothers weren’t inclined to allow it very often. But for Dahnz, the moment of waking was usually the same moment of becoming alert and aware of his surroundings. This morning had been something more.

Something new.

A predator had its eye on me!

The creche was full of people who fit that description. The Den Mothers, most certainly, being wolves of The Pack. The Black Robes had been, being themselves the last surviving members of the First Pack who followed the Queen of Sin into the Testing Land when the God of Lies punished mankind for choosing free will over willing slavery. But now, the Den Mothers taught, the Black Robes had infused their minds with the Queen’s will. Now, they were the eyes, ears and hands of the Dark God’s Whore-Bride.

They did not appear the predator, being eternally silent with eyes staring out into empty space. Yet every pup lived with the same conscious awareness, that a Black Robe would one day point them, culling them for some weakness deemed a danger to The Pack.

But neither Den Mother nor Black Robe had been in the pup-mound where his litter slept, nor were any to be found nearby when he came out.

There had been, by his determination, no physical danger to him beyond the training-games that awaited him as they had any other day. And after some consideration, he acknowledged that the danger was most likely non-physical.

A spiritual predator!

He looked about the creche, at the other pups at play and the Den Mothers watching while tending to their tasks, the occasional Black Robe standing silently.

Something is about to change.

Dahnz had no certainty of how he knew, but he was most certain that he did know.

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