1.26: Cpl Bivens

Date: Tuesday 31 December 2040ce 1820z Location: Outpost TX-5, Arizona (-0700) Happy fucking Near Year, apes! It wasn’t a celebratory thought, but one of condemnation. Including that fucking sadomasochistic bitch! Instruments gave a reading of 7c, but it was the first time in two weeks they had access to more than just carefully rationed drinking […]

1.25: The Lord’s Good Work

Broadcast: Wednesday 25 December 2040ce Network: Last World-Kentucky on FaithNet Quantum [Commercial Ending in Three… Two… One…] [Roll Video: HH Reverend Marshal @ Citadel Chapel, Christ’s Mass, 2040AD] Reverend Marshal It sounds troubling. It sounds troubling because it is. For nearly thirty years, our Congregation has known the truth, that mankind now walks into this […]

1.24: Suzanne Anderson

Date: Monday 5 December 2040ce 1455z Location: ECNN Headquarters, Jersey City, New Jersey (-0500) My Goddess, Roger… Do you people really want a second season? To her knowledge, she had used almost all of the best material for the first season. While there was certainly a lot to pick from, diligently sorted and organized by […]

1.23: Suze-A! Reports\Episode 10

Broadcast: Sunday 1 December 2040ce Network: ECNN on NewsNet Quantum [Queue Theme.] [Image Stage, Roll Images.] Suzanne Anderson Before the Invasion, there had been a small but active counter-culture regarded as the Doomsday Preppers. Some believed that the ‘new world order’ of democracy and secular reasoning established by the United States Constitution was doomed to […]

1.22: Cpl Dickson

Date: Tuesday 20 November 2040ce 1132z Location: Surprise, Arizona (-0700) “Report, Two,” Wagner’s voice came over the headset. “Two in position,” Lansing’s voice replied. Dickson settled in next to the shell of a broken-down truck and looked to each side. This should take the blasts just fine… “Report, Three.” “Three in position,” Gupta answered. “Visual […]

1.21: Election Night Coverage, Sgmt 103

Broadcast: Tuesday 6 November 2040ce Network: West Coast News Service on NewsNet Quantum [Commercial Set One-Oh-Two ending in Three… Two… One…] [Go Live.] Kris Engel Welcome back. After years of discussion and months of debate, the countdown to Reunification officially begins. In a sweeping mandate, voters approved Reunification with a ninety-eight percent majority vote. Exit […]

1.20: Dr Dolby

Date: Wednesday 4 November 2040ce 0310z Location: Shin’s Digs, Portland, Oregon (-0800) That was higher than expected. Kevin Dolby had figured some time ago that both of the federated nations would vote for Reunification, but he imagined the NES being more divided on the issue. “Told you,” Carl began as he motioned to Shin for […]