Last Update: 8 April 2019ce


See Hiver.


East Cost News Network
Established 2022 in the NES, ECNN put itself immediately to the task of establishing repeater antennas alone the east coast and into the midwest to provide information directly to Resistance forces.

Abbr, East Coast News Network


While the term ‘Invader’ is part of every day usage in most remaining languages, the officially recognized name of the aliens that invaded Earth is hivers.

The species is believed to be the result of direct genetic manipulation, enabling it to directly interweave organism and technology. The hive will begin to assemble itself (“grow”) underground without being detected. When a seed is ready to activate, a hidden slither mass will be drawn to it. Once the two come into contact, the slither mass appears to die, while the seed draws from the materials gathered by the mass and the hive begins to develop.

Once it has filled an inverted dome with its mass, it will activate its shield generators, revealing itself as it begins to grow above the surface.


See Hiver.


Abbr, North-East States of America

North-East States of America
Formed by an alliance between Maine and Vermont with the eastern-most states of former Canada. At current, it has expanded to include everything between Wisconsin and Tennessee all the way to the east coast, as well as the island states Caribbean East and Caribbean West.


Old Earth
In reference to anything which originated prior the 2014ce.


Reno, Battle of
2031ce; The Battle of Reno marked the full liberation of Nevada with the destruction of the last Invader hive within its borders, as well as the first successful destruction of a complex hive.


South-West States of America
Founded after the Battle of Reno, the SWS began with California, Nevada and Utah. Over the past decade, it has since expanded to include most of former Mexico, adopting the former Mexican states as each has been liberated from the Invaders.

Southern Bloc, The
A region encompassing most of Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and South Carolina which maintained its own Resistance and desired very little assistance from the NES.

Abbr, South-West States of America


Generic use, humanity’s home world; Descriptive, anything originating after the Invaders revealed themselves.


Abbr, West Coast News Service

West Coast News Service
Initially established as a network of short wave radio stations, WCNS established correspondants with New Canada and the Alaskan States in 2020 in order to provide up-to-date information regarding biomech movements and the arrival of supplies and reinforcements from the north.