Issue Guide

A short word from the author.

Our hero makes a choice.

Issue I: March to Destiny
Ending her self-imposed exile, Sergeant First Class Wagner transfers into SWS Federal Army Command, immediately catching the interest of a top secret military operation.

Issue II: Distant Winds
Trained to stand watch for the rise of the Antichrist, the first graduates of Last World Baptist’s Warrior Chaplains class await their chance to prove themselves. In Aberdeen, the Queen of Sin works dark magic.

Issue III: Inquiring Minds
Wagner accepts an offer from Nielson. Doctor Scott questions how much control he’s had over his own choices while Cyn questions her allegiance. Suzanne plans her next foray into the Resistance Territories. The Chaplains begin their mission, though Shannon is torn between duty and vengeance.

Issue IV: Weekend Pass
After a day of ceremony and display, Wagner and her troopers enjoy three nights of R&R. Suzanne interviews a questionable witness. Shannon tries to determine the nature of the Antichrist. Dahnz travels to the Rites of Adulthood.

Issue V: Learning Curve
First Platoon are introduced to their new training regimen. Melissa begins her assignment in Idaho. Counselor Farina arrives.

Issue VI: Second Platoon
Yamada leads her PSI squad through a short, but educational, patrol march.

Issue VII: Trooper v Trooper
First Platoon enters the next stage of their training. Despite completing her Field Interviews, Farina is informed that she will continue reviewing First Platoon until her assignment is ready to begin.

Issue IX: Lorenzo in the Spring
Wagner and Yamada lead their platoons through a blitz offensive in Honduras.

Issue X: The Next Level
First Platoon prepares to transfer to a temporary facility while construction of their permanent base is completed.

Issue XI: Welcome to Machine
Everything changes.