Issue I: March to Destiny

Jesus said, “If the flesh came into being because of spirit, it is a wonder.
But if spirit came into being because of the body, it is a wonder of wonders.
Indeed, I am amazed at how this great wealth has made its home in this poverty.”
~Gospel of Thomas, Verse 29

I have given the evidence to the best of my ability;
and we must acknowledge, as it seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities,
with sympathy which feels for the most debased,
with benevolence which extends not only to other men
but to the humblest living creature,
with his god-like intellect which has penetrated
into the movements and constitution of the solar system
—with all these exalted powers—
Man still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.
~Charles Darwin, Descent of Man

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
~William Ernest Henley, Invictus

1.00: The Past
As an alien invasion prepares to strike, a plan to reshape human destiny begins.

1.01: Suze-A! Reports\Episode 01
Suzanne Anderson compiles her research into The Reverend for East Coast News Network.

1.02: Sammie
The Reverend’s daughter endures the company of the woman sent to seduce him.

1.03: Suze-A! Reports\Episode 02
Suzanne Anderson compiles her research into Facility One for East Coast News Network.

1.04: Dr Scott
Seeking candidates for a secret mission, Doctor Scott finds the ideal candidate when a war hero returns.

1.05: Morning Headlines
Current events on a post-Invasion Terra.

1.06: SFC Wagner
Newly transferred to Federal Army, Sergeant First Class SJ Wagner receives the first troopers under her command.

1.07: Forward Position
Updates from several war fronts.

1.08: Cpt Nielson
Asked to accept a new assignment, a veteran tactician learns the military’s greatest secret.

1.09: Arizona Evening News
Current events for the Arizona Resistance.

1.10: Cpl Lansing
A group of troopers find themselves unexpectedly reassigned.

1.11: Health Watch
Coverage of the latest Terran medical advances.

1.12: Cslr Farina
SciCorps recruits a promising doctoral student.

1.13: Breaking News
The SWS Congress approves the proposed Constitution.

1.14: Cpl Gupta
A young trooper confronts his mistakes on the battle field.

1.15: Evening News
A political alliance breaks apart, allowing the NES move towards Reunification.

1.16: Gen Hitchens
Upon confronting Doctor Scott regarding withheld information, General Hitchens learns the scientist’s true suspicions.

1.17: Arizona Freedom with David Miles
Leader of Arizona’s last remaining pre-Federalist Resistance cell weighs in on Reunification.

1.18: Cpl Martinez
Camped right outside a target of intense bombardment, Martinez ponders the need to even be there.

1.19: National Nightly News
NES Election Results

1.20: Dr Dolby
Recruited into SciCorps Officer’s Program, a young doctor attempts to explain his decision to go.

1.21: Election Night Coverage, Sgmt 103
Kris Engel hosts a panel discussing the vote for Reunification.

1.22: Cpl Dickson
A young corporal is injured when Wagner’s troop face Invader units.

1.23: Suze-A! Reports\Episode_10
Suzanne Anderson compiles her research into Facility One for East Coast News Network.

1.24: Suzanne Anderson
East Coast News Network decides to sponsor Suzanne’s continued hunt to find The Reverend.

1.25: The Lord’s Good Work
Brother Michael assures the Faithful that the holy struggle continues.

1.26: Cpl Bivens
AZ297 endures the conditions at Arizona’s worst scouting outpost.

1.27: Flag Ceremony Special Report
ECNN coverage of the rising of the Coalition States of North America at the first state capital sunrise.

1.28: Chuck
An old friend of The Reverend is called to action… Kind of.

1.29: State of The Military
Congress votes to approve the Coalition Military Charter.

1.30: Cpl Greening
The troop is able to relax in uncontested territory.

1.31: Designer Spotlight
A new military designed around a new mission requires new uniforms.

1.32: Captain Yamada
Newly promoted, Yamada ends her assignment at the NES embassy in Iceland.

1.33: Late Edition
A military spokesman briefs the press on a new battery system to be implemented against Invader hives.

1.34: Cpl Carlson
A compulsive observer analyzes the circumstance of AZ297’s route and composition, surmising that they were assembled for more than patrolling the war zone border.