Issue II: Distant Winds

Will the angels sing tonight?
Or will they perish in the shadows of this newborn light?
Will we crumble into dust?
Will we blow away like the ravens did yesterday?
Can we mend this broken reed?
Seal the doom of this house of cards?
~Switchblade Symphony, Mine Eyes

Oh Great Brothers of the Night
Who rideth upon the hot winds of Hell,
Who dwelleth in the Devil’s lair;
Move and appear.
~Anton Szandor LaVey, The Satanic Bible (Invocation of Destruction)

Lord, what fools these mortals be!
~Puck (William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

2.00: The Past
The heir of a thousands-year long heritage is slain, and his father, Reverend RE Marshal, knows of only one person with the power to have done it.

2.01: Reja
The Vile Tongue of the Queen of Sin receives good news and sees good omens.

2.02: HH Reverend Marshal
A notification arrives from one of Reverend Marshal’s spies, informing him that the Queen of Sin has once more stirred.

2.03: General Hitchens
After an initial review of the first successful raid out of Aberdeen in years, Hitchens is confronted with the mystery of how everything went wrong.

2.04: Mac
Scarred and brain damaged, a veteran and ward of the Last World Baptist Church awakens to another day in his inhumane prison.

2.05: Sr Shannon
Sister Shannon of the Last World Chaplains begins her day.

2.06: Br Michael
Brother Michael contemplates the need for change in Church politics.

2.07: Sr Melissa
Sister Melissa ponders what faith was like before the Last World Prophecy.

2.08: Br Aaron
Preferring solitude, Brother Aaron returns to his quarters to work out alone.

2.09: Resistance Report
Stars & Stripes-North America reports on the raid into South Dakota.

2.10: HH Rev Marshal
Reverend Marshal searches for signs of the Queen of Sin.

2.11: James Dawson
Once a member of the Young Chaplains, James awakens to another day in a mental health facility.

2.12: Dahnz
A young Aberdeen pup awakens with the knowledge that something predatory is watching him.

2.13: Mac
Body begins his work day while Mac watches in irate boredom.

2.14: Sr Shannon
On her morning run, Shannon contemplates the disappearance of a classmate and fellow Chaplain.

2.15: Mac
While tending a task on the Estate grounds, Mac sees Shannon on her morning run.

2.16: Dr Scott
A briefing from Reno Command provides unbelievable information.

2.17: Br Michael
Seeking to symbolize perfection, Michael is reminded that he still falls a little short of the ideal.

2.18: HH Reverend Marshal
Conferring with Doctor Cavanaugh, Reverend Marshal contemplates his next move within the new political reality.

2.19: Cpt Nielson
Unable to sleep, Nielson mentally prepares himself for the arrival of Arizona Patrol 40-297 and the mission which will follow.

2.20: Beyond the Headline (Segment Two)
Juan Vesperz convenes a panel of experts to discuss the recent incident with Aberdeen.

2.21: Br Aaron
Following political commentary regarding Aberdeen, Aaron considers the solution he’d implement to put an end to them.

2.22: Murcae
The increase in Federal forces around Aberdeen interferes with a scheduled border crossing.

2.23: Dahnz
The pup considers the likelihood of something otherworldly stalking him.

2.24: Sr Shannon
The search for a missing classmate resumes.

2.25: Suzanne Anderson
The final preparations for returning to the Resistance Territories begin as Suzanne is introduced to the new intern.

2.26: Sr Melissa
Shannon informs Melissa and Aaron of a possible lead in the search for Evan.

2.27: Gen Hitchens
Hitchens is confronted with the military reality of being helpless to Aberdeen’s nuclear threat.