Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
~Clarke’s Third Law

Would sufficiently advanced evolution be distinguishable from divinity?
~Borcke’s Query

One of the few people with whom I’ve shared my ‘mostly complete’ outline of this project said, “It’s like you put Dune and Starship Troopers into a blender with a cup of pureed [The] West Wing, then put it on the stove to slow simmer while occasionally stirring in X-Men sprinkles.”

I’ve tried to find other ways to describe my goals in this project, but that colorful bit of witty analogy has proven itself more accurate then all my feeble attempts at pseudo-intellectual verbiage.

Though I feel compelled, as the author, to point out that my friend somehow overlooked the Altered States sauce.

That said, I hope you enjoy the results.

Fact v Fiction

On the 21st of September in the year 2012, Виталий Невский (Vitaly Nevsky) and Артём Новичонок (Artyom Novichonok) discovered C/2012 S1, which became known as Comet ISON.

Comet ISON was scheduled to reach perihelion on 28 November 2013, but all evidence suggests that it had disintegrated completely hours before doing so.

All that remained was a fading wisp of dust, quickly scattered and lost to the stellar winds.

On 28 November 2013, something completely different happened.